Kuwn Tong Driving School (KTDS) is a Government Designated Driving School, which was established in 1999. It was relocated from Tsuen Wan to Kwun Tong in 2006. KTDS is operated under the Road Traffic Ordinance 『Cap 374, section 88N』of Transport Department.

Operated under the Code of Practices, we own a private training range, which is also used for driving tests. Motor Vehicle Part B driving test and Motor Cycle Mandatory test are conducted within this range using the same facilities.

As for the Part C on-road training, Transport Department has allocated 3 training and
test routes for KTDS in Yau Tong . Our driving instructors are professional and experienced.

Learners are able to undergo their trainings and practices for their
Motor Vehicle Part B courses and Motor Cycle Mandatory courses within the
private training range, without any interruptions from other road users.
Exclusive driving test schedule, fixed test routes
Learners are to undergo trainings and practices for their Part B trainings in a private compound without any interruptions from other road users
Numerous opportunities for learners to practice and familiarize themselves in a same site in which driving tests are conducted at the end of each course
Off-road and On-road tests are conducted sequentially at different dates. This arrangement helps to reduce the stress acting upon learners
A figure “8” manoeuvre circuit is used for Motor Cycle Competence Test. Learners should find it easier to handle through a unidirectional flow
The emergency stop skill test is activated by an electronic device to ensure no bias
It is pledged that each lesson is of not less than 55 minutes duration
Recommendation for learners to acquire extra lessons will only be made according to an individual’s learning progress.
  (Instructors will not hard- sell such need to create a pressure to learners)